2023 Schedule Changes: 3 and 4 year old programming

In 2023 Ripponlea Kinder will trial an expanded program, offering 15 hours of funded kinder for all three and four year olds in mixed age groups, through a combination of long-day and half-day sessional kinder programs* (see bottom). This is a shift from our current programming; providing an increased number of hours for all children within our existing space.

Key Elements

  • Fifteen hours of kinder for four groups of approximately 22 three and four-year-old children across the week.

  • Mixed age programming: similar numbers of three and four year olds in each group.

  • Families select either 2 consecutive long days of kinder (blue or yellow groups) or two half and one long day including one session of Bush kinder at Ripponlea Estate (green/red groups).

  • Rotational programming: Children in blue, red and rgeen groups mix with a different sub-group each session, providing opportunities to foster different group dynamics and experience a range of peer relationships at kinder.

  • Yellow group offers 15 hours each week over two consecutive days for a group of 22 children.

  • Blue, red and green groups are sub-groups of 11-12 children who attend all the same sessions of kinder each week building close peer

  • Red and green groups each attend a weekly session of Bush kinder in the grounds of Ripponlea Estate.

  • Blue group has a small group session at Kinder on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, after the green/red group children depart.

Educational Benefits and evidence for the new model 

Ripponlea Kinder staff are excited about trialling this new model and believe that the new program gives the best opportunity for all three- and four- year old children to thrive with 2 years of 15 hours of funded kinder before they start school.

International evidence suggests that 15 hours per week with a qualified teacher, in a high quality early childhood education program can contribute to significant, lasting impact on children's development and learning. At Ripponlea Kindergarten we are very proud of our "Exceeding" rating for Education and Care measured by an independent body against the National Quality Framework. https://www.acecqa.gov.au/national-quality-framework

Offering 15 hours of kinder over 2 years gives children the chance to support and develop their social skills; helps them make new friends and learn to play with other children. They develop increased self-awareness and respect for others, and build emotional awareness that will help them understand and process their feelings.

Language, literacy and numeracy skills are also well established in early learning environments and are foundation blocks for formal learning at school. The teachers at Ripponlea Kindergarten firmly believe these skills are building blocks for life-long learning.

*Please note that the above timetable is indicative and subject to change, pending finalisation of funding and policy information about the roll out of funded kinder from the Department of Education and Training. 

How To Enrol

  1. From 1st of May 2022, all three- and four-year-old registrations for kindergarten within the Glen Eira municipality will be managed centrally by Glen Eira Council.

  2. All children planning to attend Ripponlea Kinder in 2023 must be registered with Glen Eira council to receive an enrolment offer, even if the child is already attending the service in 2022.

  3. Online registrations for three and four year old kindergarten positions open on Sunday 1 May 2022. Kindergartens - Glen Eira City Council

  4. You will be asked to prioritise your first three choices for kinder places. Select Ripponlea Kinder as your first preference.

  5. Preferences are allocated based on date of receipt of registration.

  6. Reminders will be sent during May and June, to everyone who has already joined our waiting list for 2023.

  7. Please also complete an expression of interest form for our planning purposes.

  8. Ripponlea kinder enrolment officers will request session preferences from families once offers have been made.

See our Enrolments page for more details.