Voluntary Contributions

Being an independent, not-for-profit community kindergarten means we can offer quality programs, small class sizes, specialist programs and importantly, it has allowed us to attract and retain highly qualified educators in a very competitive job market. These aspects are critical for delivering a rich early childhood educational experience for your child and maintaining our 'Exceeding' teaching classification for the kinder.

The Department of Education (DE) provides per capita and Free Kindergarten funding as a contribution toward the costs of providing Three-Year-Old and Four-Year-Old Kindergarten programs. Services meet the balance of costs through voluntary contributions and fundraising activities. Ripponlea Kindergarten has opted into the Free Kindergarten initiative, so while mandatory fees cannot be levied, the Kindergarten is requesting a voluntary contribution be made that covers the difference between the amount the state government pays under the Free Kindergarten initiative and the fee that would have applied in the absence of Free Kindergarten.

Voluntary Contribution requests are sent at the beginning of each term. 

4 Year Old program - 15 hours per week

  • Contribution for 2024 - $250 per term

3 Year Old program - 15 hours per week

  • Contribution for 2024 - $250 per term